COURSE DETAILS PM-TMEM is an accelerated program uniquely designed for professionals engaged in the management and governance of tropical marine ecosystems. Students of PM-TMEM get the distinctive benefit of a highly integrative and transdisciplinary teams of faculty, lecturers and resource persons, including local and international experts.
IMPLEMENTING SCHOOL University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute
MODE OF STUDY Work-study scheme.
DURATION The program follows a modular, sequential approach that can be completed in 1.5 years (4 trimesters)

Please nominate applicant/s who possess/es the following eligibility requirements set by the DENR/BMB and UP/MSI:

  1. Must be holding a permanent position for at least two years at the time of application, with minimum of two years work experience preferably from the 33 Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Sites under the National Integrated Protected Areas Systems, including Verde Island Passage (VIP) Marine Corridor and/or other relevant TMEM/coastal resource management;
  2. Have obtained performance ratings of at least Very Satisfactory for the last two  consecutive rating periods; 
  3. Performing duties and responsibilities relevant to the field of study;
  4. Have rendered the required service obligation for a scholarship previously enjoyed;
  5. Have not availed any scholarship (local and foreign) in the past two years prior to the awarding of grant;
  6. Must be willing to conduct a master’s thesis aligned to the priority programs of the Department or related topics to be identified/approved by the DENR;
  7. Must be willing to sign a Scholarship Service Contract and shall serve the DENR with the corresponding period of service obligation;
  8. Must not be a delinquent scholar; 
  9. In good mental and physical health; and
  10. Must not withdraw from the Program once selected.

Qualified applicants shall submit the following requirements to Career Development Division-HRDS:

  1. Memorandum addressed to the Chair of the Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC), attention HRDC Secretariat to be endorsed by Head of Office and concurred by Supervising Undersecretary/Assistant Secretary;
  2. Resolution from HRDC Counterpart recommending the nomination of the applicant;
  3. Updated Service Record;
  4. Certification from the Director supervising human resources/Assistant Regional Director for Management Service/Assistant Director (Region/Bureau/Attached Agency) stating that the applicant: (a) has No Pending Administrative and/or Criminal Case; (b) has No Pending Scholarship Nomination; (c) performance ratings for two immediate rating periods were at least Very Satisfactory; (d) has not been a delinquent scholar from a previous scholarship grant; (e) has rendered and completed the service obligation required under the previous scholarship; and (f) physically and mentally fit to study.
  5. Certification of actual duties and responsibilities (including past involvement) relevant to the course signed by immediate superior; 
  6. Updated Personal Data Sheet, with work experience sheet, duly signed by authorized person administering oath; and
  7. Self-Certification of non-withdrawal from the Program once selected.
DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION  15 October 2021, extended until 22 October 2021
REMARKS Successful candidates will be advised to proceed with the UP application process for admission and final acceptance to the program. The UP-MSI will evaluate all completed application documents and will schedule online/phone conference call interview.