Title of the Course/Program/Duration

The three (3) scholarships offered at the USP with a starting date on January 2022:

●       One (1) scholarship for Master’s Degree in Marine Management, Biology, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Earth Sciences and Geosciences. The Master’s Degree program takes 12-18 months to complete.

●       Two (2) scholarships for an undergraduate degree in Marine Science, Geology or Engineering. One slot will be reserved for a female applicant. The undergraduate program takes three (3) years to complete.


Nauru Ocean Resources Inc.

Place of Study

University of South Pacific (USP) in Fiji


Nominees are required to:

1.      Be from a developing State (with preference given to Pacific Island Nations with an interest to develop a research project involving polymettalic nodules);

2.      Hold an existing relevant undergraduate degree and meet USP Master’s Programme entry requirements;

3.      Ability to speak and write in English proficiently;

4.      Hold or be able to secure a passport;

5.      Maintain good academic standing throughout the scholarship;

Deadline of Submission /Documentary Requirements

The nominees for the scholarships shall submit the following requirements to Career Development Division-HRDS on or before 28 June 2021, while for the training nominees, all submissions should be on or before 11 June 2021 :

1.      Memorandum addressed to the Chair of the Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC), attention HRDC Secretariat to be endorsed by Head of Office and with justification on how the travel complies with the minimum criteria for travel pursuant to EO 77 and other DENR requirements. Division Chief and above applicants/nominees must be concurred by Supervising Undersecretary/Assistant Secretary;

2.      Board Resolution from HRDC Counterpart recommending the nomination of the applicant;

3.      Service Record;

4.      Certificate of No Pending Administrative Case;

5.      Certification from the Director supervising human resources/Assistant Regional Director for Management Service/Assistant Director (Region/Bureau/Attached Agency) stating that the applicant:

a.       has No Pending Scholarship Nomination;

b.      has not been a delinquent scholar from a previous scholarship grant; and

c.       has submitted all the required reports from previous foreign travels.

6.      Updated Personal Data Sheet, with work experience sheet, duly signed by authorized person administering oath;

7.      Self-Certification of official Travel History;

8.      Have rendered and completed the service obligation required under the previous scholarship; and

9.      Sign Service Obligation Contract (foreign study trip).


The DENR Scholarship Committee will conduct screening and selection of candidates to the said scholarship program.

For more information, please click the link: SIGNED ISA INVITATION