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Office of the Director


Initiate the formulation and implementation of policies, plans, strategies, and programs to develop the institutional capability of DENR; and
Translate the DENR thrusts and priority programs into specific HRD policies and directions.


Human Resource Research and Development Division


Design and develop a system of assessing present and future capability needs of the DENR
Conduct assessment and profiling of existing human resources
Serve as clearinghouse of all HR programs in the Department
Monitor and evaluate the HRD plans of bureaus/regional offices/central office/attached agencies to ensure their adherence to the overall HRD plan
Conduct HR studies to determine strategies for work productivity
Maintain and develop centralized training and records information system.


Training Management Division

Plan, implement and coordinate training activities to strengthen the internal capability of the department's human resources
Provide assistance to various offices/ bureaus/attached agencies in the formulation/conduct of training programs directed to the development of the department's human resources
Manage the DENR's training and similar facilities; and
Maintain a pool of resource persons and trainers


Career Development Division

Develop and recommend policies and programs on employee development
Formulate policy guidelines towards developing career patterns and individual career paths
Provide counselling for employees to define career goals/anchors consistent with the needs of the DENR
Manage the DENR’s foreign and local scholarship programs and explore
scholarship opportunities from providers; and
Manage the career development requirements of DENR employees


Institution Development Division


Formulate a capability building framework in support of OGAs, LGUs and other partners/stakeholders‘ participation in ENR management
Establish networking with external partners such as academic institutions, OGAs,LGUs, NGOs and other partners/ stakeholders in capacity building programs/activities
Provide technical assistance in building stakeholder/ partner capabilities in ENR Mgt.
Develop proposals for possible external funding for HR activities
Serve as resource center of tools and materials on HR best practices and training equipment